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Bluetooth Virtual Laser Projection Keyboard Wireless Mini Keyboard Portable Computer Phone Pad Laptop Virtual Mice & Keyboard

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  • Description

    There are two laser keyboards:
    The black classic and white upgrade (with bracket and mobile power function) are distinguished as follows. Please order according to actual needs

    Keyboard name: KB630-M1
    Keyboard weight: 125g
    Keyboard size: 9cm * 4.5cm * 5cm
    Projection size: 10cm * 25cm
    Connection method: USB cable, Bluetooth (imported Bluetooth chip)
    Battery capacity: 2500mAh(MAX)@3.7V
    Life time: 6 hours
    Main functions: stand function, charging treasure function, USB cable
    Direct connection to computer, keyboard function, mouse function

    Keyboard name: KB560S
    Keyboard weight: 60g
    Keyboard size: 7.8cm * 4cm * 1.9cm
    Projection size: 10cm * 24cm
    Connection method: Bluetooth (if there is no Bluetooth, a Bluetooth adapter is required)
    Battery capacity: 700mAh(MAX)@3.7V
    Life time: 120 minutes
    Main functions: keyboard function, mouse function

    1. is it possible to have this keyboard in xxx languages?
    This product is just a projector, the input method depends on your phone
    2. Does it work with pc/smart phones?
    For white M1, it works with all smart phones and PC (bluetooth or usb cable), while for black #KB560S, only works with smart phones
    3. Is it possible to have this keyboard in russia/dvorak/ or some other language layout? or can we input in dvorak/ or other method?
    Our keyboard is qwer layout, the same as description shows, no other layout. This product is just a projector, the input method depends on your mobile system. Due to differenct nature of phone itself, it is normal that maybe some mobile phones may not be able to use their own input method in this keyboard


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