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V30 Ubox Tuya Smart Wireless Doorbell WiFi Video Intercom Digital Home Security Door Bell Electronic Doorman House Camera

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  • Description

    V30 Smart Home Mini Out Door Wireless Water Proof Video Doorbell


    Model: V30

    CCD: 1/2.7 inch 1080p scan CMOS sensor

    Lens/visual Angle: 2.6mm @F2.0/155°

    Video coding: 1080P/15fps+720P/15fps+VGA/30fps+QVGA/30fps+1080P@1fsJPEG snap

    Input: 1 channel built-in – 48dB microphone

    Output: Built-in speaker (8 1 w)

    Wireless network: 802.11b/g/n

    Storage: The TF card stores the maximum support for 64GB

    Power: Battery power supply

    Power consumption: Standby current 200 uA

    Material: ABS

    Product size: 140mmx45.5mmx27.5mm

    Product weight: 90g

    Packge include:

    1* V30 Ubox Smart Video Doorbell (not included battery )

    Video Doorbell

    Real time monitoring of door conditions.

    Powerful, high-performance, low-power dissipation processor inside

    Ingenic T31Z / Hisilicon 3518EV300

    Make communication clearer

    HD video two-way voice calls, so that communication zero distance.

    Whenever you want to see it

    No matter travel, work or wait for the traffic lights, you can turn on the camera at any time to watch all the dynamics in the yard.

    See the people outside the door – Mobile phone video call

    Smart WiFi configuration

    Long distance signal transmission, no need to open the door to know the visiting information. It can support multiple users to watch online at the same time.

    2.4 GHz WiFi Technology

    Good signal and penetrativity than 5G.

    Water Proof

    Waterproof and durable, long service life.


    Q: How do I reset the doorbell? A: Press and hold the RESET button for 6 seconds. Q: How do I share the video doorbell with my family? A: 1. From the home page, tap the doorbell to live view. 2. Tap the “settings” icon in the top right corner. 3. Select “Share Device” 4. “Add sharing” and enter the account name you want to share to. Or you can follow the in-app instructions to do family settings. Q: How do I adjust PIR motion detection sensitivity? A: 1. From the home page, tap the doorbell to live view. 2. Tap the setting icon in the right corner. 3. Select PIR. Options for PIR motion sensitivity High: Records and notifies you about every motion. Shortest battery life. Medium: Records and notifies you about motion less often. Standard battery life. Low: Records and notifies you about motion even less often. Maximum battery life. Q: How many users can view the video at the same time? A: Up to 4 users may view the video feed. Both IOS and Android are compatible. Q: Is 5GHz WiFi supported? A: No, only 2.4GHz WiFi is supported. Q: My signal is poor on my doorbell. A: Your doorbell may be too far away from your wireless router or you may have some obstructions in between that reduce signal strength. You might try repositioning your router or getting a signal extender/repeater for your wireless router. Q: Is this device only battery powered? A: Yes, it’s only battery powered. No wires needed.

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